Auditing & Assurance Services

We Provide Various Auditing & Assurance Services to Companies, Firms and Trusts. Audit Includes Thorough Verification of Evidences, Vouchers & Certifications. We Also Provide the Following Services:

  1. Statutory Audit under Companies Act 2013
  2. Tax Audit under Income Tax
  3. GST Audits
  4. Internal Audits
  5. Stock Audits
  6. Trust Audits
  7. Special Purpose Audits & Certifications
  8. Foreign Exchange Remittance Certifications such as Form 15CB / 15CA.
  9. Process Audit

A Good Auditor Can Do More Than Just Check the Facts and Figures in the Reports. We Conduct Your Financial Audit and Ensure a Professional Delivery. Some of Our Value Added Audit Services Are as Follows:

Fraud/Special Investigations Audit

In Our Audits, We Provide Reasonable Assurance of an Accurate and Fair View of the Financial Aspects of the Business. However, It Refrains From Giving the Absolute Assurance That the Entity Is Free From Any Existing or Probable Fraud. Identification of Fraud Requires More Detailed Investigation, Which Is Out of the Scope of Internal, External, and Tax Audits. Our Detail-oriented Team Specifically Assists You With Investigations Audit Wherein We Employ High-level Investigative Methods to Decipher a Probable Fraud/violation. We Narrow Down Possible Suspects and Build an in-depth Report Based on Root Cause Analysis Based on the Tip.

Risk-based Information Systems’ Audit

Since the Data Is Maintained on Cloud in the Digital Era, Organizations Must Have a Reinforced Information System. We Conduct a Detailed Ascertainment of the Ubiquitous It Infrastructure. Information System Development (Isd) Is Crucial to Identify and Mitigate Inherent Risk Areas That Hinder Financial Reporting and Information Transfer. The System Designed by Our Team Is Based on the Black-box and White-box Concepts. The Rigorous Application of the System and Its Audit Enables the Management to Establish Good Data Management, Its Security and Sound Internal Control System.

Concurrent Audit

Statutory and Tax Audits Are Carried Yearly Except for Limited Reviews for Public Companies. However, to Ensure the Periodic Consistency in Financial Documentation, We Conduct a Timely Examination of the Financial Statements Through a Contemporaneous Concurrent Audit to Ensure Compliance With Various Set Guidelines. Apart From Statutory Compliance, It Enables the Management to Review the Periodic Performance and Make Corrective Strategies That Will Enable the Entity to Combat Against the Changed Framework.

Fixed Assets and Inventory Audit

Since Assets Are Pretty Valuable, Physical Verification and Valuation of Assets Determine an Organization’s Inventory Management Effectiveness. Reconciliation of the Assets Is Also Critical to Early Identify Probable Causes of Pilferage or Fraud. The Stock Audit Ensures Reasonable Satisfaction of Audit Assertions Such as the Existence of Stock, Completeness of Inventory Reports, Rights and Obligations of the Inventory as on the Date of Audit, Correct Valuation, and Proper Presentation and Disclosures.