Jhankhna Patel, Partner

CPA (Aust.), FCA, PG BA- CBAP, DISA, B.Com

Jhankhna is an accomplished Chartered Accountant and a partner at JPPS and Associates, a top accounting firm known for comprehensive services that help businesses achieve remarkable growth.

She is enthusiastic about streamlining processes and boosting cost efficiency throughout different parts of a company. Having a deep understanding of methods that enhance processes and financial efficiency, makes her an asset in any business setting.

Her skills include a Diploma in Information Systems Audit, which empowers her to offer valuable solutions to clients and stakeholders using tools like ERP, CRM, and BI systems. She has also handled ESG and BRSR reporting for listed companies, showing her dedication to sustainable and responsible business practices.

With a comprehensive skill set covering due diligence, statutory audits, internal audits, and risk assessments, she consistently guides businesses toward strategic goals and improved overall performance.

Qualifications and Ongoing Learning

Aside from being a Chartered Accountant and CPA Australia, she has pursued a range of certifications and accreditations to enhance her expertise:

  • Professional Certificate for Business Analysis (External) with Purdue University

  • Diploma in Information System Audit from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (DISA)

  • Post Grad Business Analysis - CBAP® - IIBA

  • Certified in Advanced Excel

  • Certified in Tableau for data visualization


Parth Shah, Partner

FCA, B.Com

With 11 years of diverse experience, Parth is a skilled Chartered Accountant who has succeeded in different areas. His journey includes a successful 6-year role as the Accounts and Audit Head in the manufacturing sector.

During 6 years in manufacturing, he was the Accounts and Audit Head, gaining deep insights into industry specifics, finances, and compliance. He is skilled at conducting detailed audits, ensuring accuracy, following rules, spotting financial risks, and setting strong controls.

He is also into strategic financial management, including budgeting, cost analysis, and financial predictions to improve resource use and manufacturing efficiency.

During his experience in JPPS, he has offered customized financial solutions, strategic insights, planning, and compliance help, ESG and BRSR reporting to diverse clients.

Skilled in analyzing complex financial data, doing deep analysis, and offering practical insights, Parth has achieved notable success, like improving manufacturing savings, establishing strong controls for accuracy and lower risk, solving complex tax issues, and showing expertise in audits, compliance, and financial problem-solving.

His proven track record in industry and practice shows his dedication to providing insightful financial help, compliance, and strategic management.